Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

So things have been quiet here for a while.

Projects I wanted to work on, personal ones that were usually more speculatve in nature, got put on the back burner, while others, took priority.

Alas, most of those are the kind that I can usually not talk about until all the ‘i’s are crossed and the ‘t’s dotted.

And then there are the ones that are less securely locked down, that I still can’t talk about, because I don’t want to jinx them.

However, one of those secret projects is now out there, and I can point you towards it.

For those who know me more for the words and the writing, the new project is something of a departure, as I’m working solely on the art.  But I’m no dummy (dispite the way my blog posts often suggest the contrary), I’m teamed up with an awesome writer who is no novice to writing comics.  My creative partner on the projects is none other than the man, the legend,  Howard Mackie .

(He’s actually a very laid back, easy to get a long with, no frills, “There really is NO need to keep calling me THE HOWARD MACKIE, just Howard is fine.” kinda guy.)

Anyways, go check it out over on  THE MONSTER KID  website.  We have a few pages there already and more lined up.

And look for more regular updates here soon.


No…. really!