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The website here is getting a fresh new look and hopefully a whole slew of extra and on-going content.

I know in the past I've been somewhat like an errant landlord, the taps dripped, the A/C & Heating unit rattled when it was on, and only three of the four burners on the stove worked at any one time (and there was no telling until you switched them on which of the three would work.

But no more.

(1) Real word.  Look it up.(2)

(2) If you did, didn't find it, just hold on. This is America, totally made-up words get made legitimate all the time. Example: "Winningest."

I've had my webguru (who is awesomenessest(1) personified) rejig things so that I can use the site with greater ease (and by greater ease, I mean less fear…. because all this technology frightens me so).

So, buckle-up, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, and remain seated until we've come to a complete stop.